Key FY21 changes to note

HAPPY FY21! Some changes help minimise tax. Others reduce exposure to an ATO tax audit. We have outlined these action points to assist you. Please carefully consider this information and contact us immediately if you have any questions we can answer or assist.

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WDRC Mayor Paul McVeigh and Daniel Bartkowski

WDRC Round 2 – Business Recovery Planning Initiative

Council will extend the Business Recovery Planning Initiative and will offer a second round of free consultation sessions to local businesses. Applications reopen on 1 July 2020. WDRC will reimburse professional service providers up to $605 for each business consult so business owners are supported at this critical time in their recovery.

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Last Minute Tax Minimisation Tips

This has probably been the most difficult year ever for business owners due to the impact of COVID-19. And this makes Tax Planning for 2020 and key actions before 30 June more important this year than for any previous year. As a business owner, there are many obligations that you need to consider and action just before and after 30 June.

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Economic Update as at May 2020

Following the strong rebound in risk assets over April, the recovery continued into the month of May. Markets were encouraged by the slowdown in new COVID-19 cases and the gradual relaxation of lockdown restrictions across a number of US states, European countries and the United Kingdom.

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